Sunday, October 22, 2006

Highland Honor
Christine YoungAwestruck
eBooksISBN: 1-58749-570-8
Fiction, Historical Romance
Reviewed by Vianna Renaud
TCM Review

Delightfully rebellious while maintaining a certain innocent naivety, Callie Whitcomb embarks on a tedious journey through the unknown to find solace with a man she believes is loyal to her deceased father. Irresistibly drawn towards the rugged Colin MacPherson, she finds momentary solace in his care within the MacPherson Castle. Equally charmed by her innocent beauty, Colin keeps her safety as one of his priorities, even though it somehow works against his previous vows of revenge. As potential danger from Callie’s evil brother constantly surrounds them, Colin focuses primarily on keeping her safe and under his guard, even if it means marrying her. Slowly but surely he discovers the truth about that fateful day when he lost his father. After years of blaming it on the Whitcomb family, he slowly realizes that it wasn’t the case at all and therefore, with the greater understanding comes a greater love and respect for Callie. Christine Young weaves a magical tale of romance and suspenseful drama that keeps you right on the edge of your seat. The romance and intense attraction between the two main characters brought the butterflies to the stomach as one could cut the tension between them with a knife. Wonderfully entertaining with the feeling that you are right alongside the characters and the action, I found it virtually impossible to put it down. I applaud Ms. Young for an excellent and extremely addictive read; she is definitely a reader I look forward to reading again with pleasure!

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Anonymous said...

Great review Chris!

And I'm sure she meant to say writer, instead of reader, that she is looking forward to reading again and again. LOL