Monday, January 15, 2007

Rebel Heart
Coming June 2007

Rebel Heart is set five hundred years in the future. The hero and heroine come from very different backgrounds. One is an Outsider and the other a City Dweller, but they are both dedicated scientists. Cameron Savage is a physician. Victoria DeMontville is a research scientist. They are both working to create a vaccine that will work against a deadly virus. Victoria has uncovered another way to help the victims of the virus, genetic surgery. During many of her forays into the musty archives of the city library, she discovers a technique that would give the City Dwellers a gene that would enhance an almost non-existent immune system. The technique is called allele transplant surgery.


Paty Jager said...

Wow, I didn't know you had another book coming out! That's awesome!

Barbara said...

This sounds really interesting, Chris! I'll bet it took a lot of research, too. I'll look forward to seeing it in June.

Caffey said...

Hi Christine. I'm Cathie, a reader and was at your site and love Highland books and too wow, this one sounds fastinating! Where will this one be published? I couldn't tell at the site because the cover has a red x in the corner (cover doesn't show up). But i'm going back to the site too, to look up your earlier books too! A joy to meet you! Cathie