Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Looking forward to another bright sunny day here in the rainy part of the country. It's great outside and maybe I'll get a little work done in the garden. My husband very sweetly spent the day outside so he wouldn't bother me while I was writing. How nice it is to have a sensitive husband. Oh, yeah.

The hero and heroine start to patch up their differences. After the near drowning the hero knows he cannot live without the heroine. But he doesn't understand that it is LOVE. Oh, no, he still believes his attraction to the heroine is just physical. He also wonders about the Earl's knowledge of his mistress. How did the Earl discover that the hero's mistress is his bastard daughter? He cannot put all the facts together. And then...

And then the heroine's brother shows up on their doorstep in the country and announces that the other brother has vanished. Where has he gone? Has the evil mam kidnapped him or sent him to Newgate?

Stay tuned:

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