Sunday, March 07, 2010

Scene writing 101:

Even if you are a panster, like me, plotting each scene is way too important to forego. I go through many steps when I decide what will happen in my scenes.

First: I make sure I know whose POV I'm in.

Second: I write the first sentence and try to write the last sentence. Knowing how the scene will end and making it a cliff hangar sot the reader will keep turning the pages is important.

Third: the scene has to be set.

I always include the internal and external conflict. The hurdle that has to be jumped as well as the character change. Every scene must move the characters forward on their journey.

Knowing who your characters are and how they will react to everything is of ultimate importance. Your characters cannot grow through the story unless the author knows where they came from. Their past will create their future.

Have fun writing scenes but if you're a panster like me, you should still take a real look at plotting your scenes if not the entire book.


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