Saturday, April 16, 2011

Book Parties!

A way to sell books? Or just a lot of work?

For some time now I've wanted to host a book party. I heard about them a couple of years ago as a way to promote and sell books. I've never had the time to organize such a party. But now as retirement looms, I'm seriously thinking about this as a possibility. I've been to Tupperware parties, Mary Kay parties, designer jean parties and more.

Why not a book party with cheese, crackers and maybe wine. Perhaps as we do with bridal and baby showers there could be games. The reading of excerpts from the books being promoted could be a selling point as well as being fun. The party could bring more parties if the incentives were right.

Have any of you out there hosted a book party? If so, do you have any ideas about making something like this a success? What would be good incentives for someone else to host a party?


Jenee Koci said...

I think it might be good if everyone you invited was encouraged to bring a friend, so you would reach some new people.

Genene Valleau said...

Interesting idea, Chris! And since booksignings at book stores doesn't seem to be worth the time in many cases, this might be a good alternative.

However, I never really got into the swing of all those other parties, in part because everything seem so expensive, and how many plastic bowls does one person need?

On the other hand, one can never have too many books! And with thousands and thousands of e-books available, if the host or author had a lap top so guests could download books directly to their e-reader, that would be inexpensive and guests would have lots of books to choose from. (Hopefully, they would support the author at the party. :)

Door prizes could be free downloads or promotional items related to the book (such as book bags or candles). Then perhaps one large goodie basket.

Incentives for hosting could be free downloads of books!

I could see myself becoming a professional book party hostess. :)

Christine Young said...

Genene, I love all of your ideas. Let's brainstorm the next Angels meeting and see if we can come up with something for this summer.