Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christine Young Hosts Bobble Head Babes Today

The continuing saga...

There is definitely not a lot to report today. The second babe just returned from a two week trip to Australia. She had tons of fun, saw lots of Australian things and returned more tan. Now she is back at work in the sun and icy temperatures that is rapidly turning to more rain.

I have set my goals for the year. I didn't know my book Catching Meara would result in a series but...

We now have the McKenna Clan series coming, the second book in August. It's working title which I really like is Sweet Sexy Sadie. No sneak peeks yet. I haven't decided on very much except how they meet. I finished the galleys for Catching Meara today and will be sending it out for reviews.

The crazy thing is, I have a second book in my head. I thought this would be my WIP. But it isn't yet. Highland Sunrise is it's working title and I'm hoping to finish this one the end of the year. For any of you who have been following my Twelve Dancing Princess series will read Chrystel's story. It involves a sunrise chaser, haunted castles and ghosts. Several years ago when I was in Scotland at Edinburgh castle I bought a book of castles and ghosts. I knew at the time there was a story there and hopefully it will be this year.

So what are your goals for 2013?

To everyone a Happy New Year!

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