Sunday, April 21, 2013

Christine Presents: Bauble Head Babes

The continuing saga...

LOL this Bobble head can't spell Bobble!

What a week it was...

From the Boston Marathon bombings to the capture of a terrorist. The media as usual overdid the broadcasting, cutting out most programming. I for one am glad to see the man caught but I hate the fact that the media makes serial killers and terrorists famous. What can we as a society do about this? There are profilers who have come on national TV and acknowledge this fact. But still we all know there names and often remember them long after the victims have been forgotten.

Optimist vs. Pessimist--which are  you?

Talking with my daughter, I pointed out that man was the only animal who enjoyed torture and killing.
She pointed out that man was the only animal who created beauty. I like her version better.

On a better note, my WIP is progressing. I'm on first edits and have four chapters left to go through. I'm thrilled with this book and I'm eager to see a cover for it as well as see it published. I do love shapeshifters. The characters in this book have taken on a life of their own and directed me in ways I did not expect.

My oldest granddaughter just left and is on her way to the forest, Enchanted Forest, with her daddy. She'll most likely ride bumper boats, bumper cars, and the train. Wonderful that her grandparents own this wonderful and enchanted place.

Tags, tags and don't use tags.

I'm really tired of reading books that overuse tags. The prose get singsongy and boring...
Writers  don't use tags. They are there only to identify the speaker.


Write a book without using one tag or one adverb...

This from the writer who loves, loves, loves adverbs.

What do you think? Could you write a book without a tag or an adverb?

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