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Christine Presents: Cream

Please welcome Zenobia Renquist author of Cream.

Zenobia will be awarding a PDF copy of CREAM to both a randomly drawn commenter during the tour, and a randomly drawn host.

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by Zenobia Renquist


She’s entered a world where blood, sex, and cash rules everything around her.

What do a four hundred-year-old vampire and a mid-level necromancer have in common? Money. Jeliyah needs it to pay off the people who trained her and Teaghan enjoys killing to get it. Together they hunt rogue vampires—assuming Teaghan can focus on something other than getting her in bed and Jeliyah doesn’t put a bullet in him first.

The uneasy partnership promises to be lucrative until Teaghan and Jeliyah get on the wrong side of a feud. Jeliyah is forced to use forbidden magic and finds herself bound to a man she should hate—but whom she can’t stop fantasizing about.

Every second they stay alive fuels a growing desire Jeliyah is unwilling to deny. Is it the magic? The danger? The only way to get the answers she craves is to outrun the enemy or kill them. She knows Teaghan’s preference but it’s Jeliyah who must put their mind-blowing sex aside and make the choice that will decide both their fates.

Teaghan kicked the room door shut behind him and then laid her on the nearest bed. “At least this time you’re not glowing. Let’s not make a habit of this.”
“I feel the same.”
“Then again…” His gaze wandered to her breasts.
Images of Teaghan running his hands over her breasts and teasing her nipples entered her mind. She reared up and smacked him at the same time she brought her other arm up to guard her chest.
Teaghan didn’t react except to grin at her. “You’re flushed, necromancer. Your heart rate jumped too. My little idea get you all hot and bothered?”
She glared at him.
“No? How about this one?”
A mental picture of Teaghan yanking off her panties so he could run his tongue over her clit invaded her mind. The detail was so vivid Jeliyah felt her pussy twitch in anticipation. Damn the man and this stupid mental connection. It might be one way, but she had access to his thoughts and now he wasn’t trying to hide them. “You can’t do that without an invitation.”
“So invite me.”
“Shouldn’t you be going to sleep? The sun is up.”
“Sun’s got nothing to do with me.” He moved closer, planting his hands on either side of her legs and leaning into her. “Invite me.”
Jeliyah scooted back off the bed and away from him. Once on her feet, she said, “Don’t get all cocky just because I took some of your blood, vampire. I told you that was a one-time thing and not to get ideas.”
“Yeah, I heard you but,” he hopped the bed and crowded her against the wall, “here’s the thing. You could have gotten the same results by asking me to open a vein. A simple prick to the finger for a few drops of blood would have sufficed. You kissed me, necromancer.”
“It was a split-second decision. Back off.” She clutched the necrome at her throat and said, “Shield.”
Teaghan laughed as the shield expanded to include him. “Forget something important, did you? Your necromes recognize me now. I’m not a threat.”
Shit. She’d forgotten one of the major side effects of Recognize. Her necromes—and any others made from her blood—no longer worked against Teaghan. There was no way to deactivate Recognize either, just like an invitation once given.
She shoved at his chest but he kept leaning forward until his lips were close to hers.
He said, “Let’s talk about that kiss.”
“It was spur of the moment. It meant nothing.”
“Care to test that theory?”
“You can’t. I haven’t invited you.”


Zenobia Renquist lives in her imagination. When not traveling through her fantasy worlds, she can be found in Hawaii living with her husband and two cats.

She is an Air Force brat turned Air Force wife, which means she’s accustomed to travel and does it whenever possible (so long as she doesn’t have to fly). Her favorite pastime is torturing her characters on their way to happily-ever-after for the enjoyment of her readers.

On the few occasions her muse flees the scene of the crime, Zenobia likes to read (comics, manga, and romance), go to the movies, play a few levels of whichever puzzle game has hijacked her interest or experiment with a new chain maille weave.

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Catherine Lee said...

You're an Air Force brat and wife who doesn't like to fly? Weird! I guess if you live in Hawaii, where would you want to fly away to? I'm not crazy about flying, but I do it when I need to. LOL
catherinelee100 at gmail dot com

Christine Young said...

Welcome to my blog. I hope you have a great tour.

Zenobia Renquist said...

Catherine - It's a dislike that has grown as I've gotten older. I suck it up and deal since the only way off that island is flying, but I really don't like doing it.

Christine - Thanks so much for hosting me today.

~ Zenobia

Andra Lyn said...

Thanks for the chance to win! Sounds like a fascinating story! Thanks for sharing the book blast!

andralynn7 AT gmail DOT com

wanda f said...

Fantastic excerpt and I love the cover .

bn100 said...

Sounds interesting

bn100candg at hotmail dot com

sweetpea122 said...

Zenobia, have you written any contemporary military romances?

sweetpea122 at rocketmail dot com

Zenobia Renquist said...

Andra - Thanks for stopping by.

Wanda - Thanks. I hope you give the book a chance.

BN100 - Thanks for stopping by.

SweetPea - I plan to write some military fantasy/paranormal romances, but I have decided to stay away from military contemporary. I don't write much contemporary to begin with.

~ Zenobia