Sunday, September 29, 2013

Christine Presents: The Storms Keep Rolling In

Bobble Head Babes
& The Continuing Saga

Driving home from the Authorama in Salem yesterday my husband and I were struck with the same thoughts. Rain poured and wind whirled. About two years ago we flew into Philadelphia just as Hurricane Irene was approaching from the south. The forecast: stay inside don't go anywhere. We couldn't really figure out the fear or the warnings. The wind and the rain were pretty similar to what we see in the Pacific Northwest from time to time and no one calls it a hurricane. 

That evening the weather wasn't too intense so we went out to eat. We love Hard Rock Cafes so we found the one in Philly, ordered our food along with a Hurricane. It's a great memory sipping Hurricanes while Hurricane Irene moved up the coast. The wind was not that bad but unfortunately those living in low lying areas close to the river were flooded.

Both the Beavers and the Ducks played their games in horrible weather. But both were victorious. I don't see how they played and Manning for the Beavs set a new passing record. He passed for six touchdowns in almost hurricane like weather. Good grief!Forecast for the day, more sideways rain and wind. Hope our power doesn't go out.
Highland Miracle is at my editor. Finally. The third book in the Twelve Dancing Princess is due to be released December 10, 2013. 

He Made Her An Offer...

Life has thrown Christel McClellan some experiences that could have devastated a less determined woman. Beautiful, self-assured and fiercely independent, she is trying to forget the loss of her stillborn child. But is the child alive?

She Couldn’t Deny...

Life is carefree for Ryder MacLaren who loves to see what is on the other side of the sunrise. Laird of Clan MacLaren, he is wealthy, handsome and happily unencumbered...until stunning Christel McClellan enters his life. When he hears her story, he believes the child she thought dead has been sold to a wealthy buyer.

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