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Christine ~ Romance Sunday ~ Keeping Katie by Angela Castle


Keeping Katie
Angela Castle
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 5

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Finding love in the boyish home renovator and handyman Jordan MaKensy, dominant lawyer Jack Cullen, will do anything to make their dream of a home and family a reality. When shy Katie starts working at his law office Jack, know he’s found something very special, for them both.

Aussie girl Katie has come to London to start a new life for herself after a hard and tragic past. What she didn’t expect was to find not one man but two. Katie is swept into a world of sensual pleasure that only two men can provide.
Yet Katie is resisting their attempts to win her heart. Jack and Jordan need to help Katie overcome her fear of love, to let them love and Keep their Katie.


Katie tugged at the navy blue and white uniform. "Are you sure I have to wear this?" Katie glanced up at her Aunt Penny. The pencil skirt came to just above her knees; it had a small split, making her feel self conscious that her legs were bare. Katie wore no stockings or tights. She was thankful she had remembered to shave her legs this morning.

"It's the only one in your size, dear." Katie was far from being skinny. She had the voluptuous curves of a size twelve and a more than ample breast size. Her aunt's uniform looked far more decent. Her skirt was longer and her top not as low cut. "Trust me, there is hardly anyone left in the offices at this hour. A few hard-nosed lawyers with nothing better to do. Remember though, always knock before entering an office."

Katie tugged back her blond hair, wrapping a band around the wayward curls. She followed her aunt down the long corridor of Henson and Henson Law.

"Are you sure you want to do this, Katie? I'm sure there are much better jobs you could find."

"I need to earn my keep, and there's not much I can do. I really appreciate you getting me this job."

"You are no burden at all, my dear," Penny said with genuine affection. It warmed Katie's heart that she still had someone who cared about her. The smile on her aunt's face softened the aged creases around her eyes. Penny's dark hair was streaked with grey and neatly pinned up on top of her head. "I'm certainly not getting any younger, or faster. This will help cut the workload in half. The firm was happy to hire a second cleaner."

"None the less, I am grateful," Katie reaffirmed. Her Aunt Penny took a set of keys from her pocket. They stood in front of a door marked 'Cleaner'. This was Katie's first paid job. She figured she would be good at cleaning since she had done it for eight years looking after her grandfather and his house.

With the small cleaning cart loaded, Katie hitched the Dyson vacuum cleaner onto her back. Katie frowned in annoyance as she noticed the straps pulled her already body-hugging top tighter across her breasts. She gave a sigh and followed her aunt into the service elevator. The doors closed behind them and the elevator rose up to the fifth floor.

"If you want to start vacuuming here, I'll head up to the sixth floor and clean the bathrooms. Most power points are behind the potted plants."

Katie nodded, stepping off the elevator. "Are you going to be okay?" her aunt asked, looking directly into her eyes. Katie raised her chin and smiled.

"Yes, thank you, Aunt Penny." Reassured, her aunt hit the elevator button; the doors slid shut with a soft whoosh. Katie turned to survey the long corridor. There was a small reception area, and further down on either side of the corridor were several double doors. The carpet was deep blue with red fleur-de-lis patterns. Katie unwound the vacuum cord then found the nearest potted plant. Sure enough there was a power point behind it. She plugged it in, switched it on, and set to work.

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