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Addicted to Writing ~ Tell Tale Tuesday ~ Meghan's Legacy by K. J. Dahlen

Meghan's Legacy by K. J. Dahlen
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 1


When she inherits her Grandfather’s estate, Meghan must face the past she can’t remember. Strange things start happening the moment she enters her new home. Just days after she arrives at the house she inherited, an accident meant for her injures a good friend. Is it a ghost or someone more sinister that doesn't want her to remember?


Meghan thought a house like this one would be out of place in the northern states but somehow this one wasn’t. This house blended into the landscape without seeming overly grand. The woods behind the house gave it a natural back drop.

The papers on the seat next to her proving her ownership labeled the property as Thorp Manor. The house, its contents, and what most would consider a small fortune, were now hers. She still couldn’t get used to the idea she owned all of this. She had checked with the power company and the lights and water had been turned on the day before her arrival.

A few days ago on her birthday she’d had a visit from Geoffrey Anderson, attorney at law. He told her he represented the estate of the late Leon Thorp. Leon Thorp passed away years ago and left everything in his estate to his granddaughter Meghan when she reached the age of twenty five. Meghan had lost both her parents in an explosion when she was three and had lived in this house for the two years after. She couldn’t remember the accident or her grandfather, but now, twenty years later she had inherited Leon’s estate.

Unseen eyes watched her from behind the ragged curtains in an upstairs room as she took the key from her purse and unlocked the front door. When Meghan stepped over the threshold and into the foyer of the house, she shivered. She wasn’t sure why but she had a creepy feeling about being in the house. The air in the house was musty, and she could tell no one had lived there for a long time. The sun coming in the doorway revealed small particles of dust flying everywhere. Leaving the front door open, Meghan walked through the first floor room. Her footsteps echoed on the hardwood floors as she looked for her first time at her inheritance. Most of the furniture was draped in dust covers and when she sneezed, the sound faintly echoed through out the house. She thought she could hear footsteps above her head. But when she listened, and there were no other sounds, she dismissed it as part of her imagination.

Meghan stopped in front of a painting atop the mantle in the main parlor. It was a portrait of the man whom she assumed was Leon Thorp. He was a handsome man; tall and broad-shouldered and his bearing was almost one of royalty. He looked as if he belonged in this big house. Her imagination could see him living the life of a land baron, overseeing the work hands as they labored in the fields and then after a hard day, coming home to his wife and children. She shook her head. Sometimes, she thought her imagination was her worst enemy.

I loved Meghan’s spunkiness and willful refusal to let the bad guy win yet again. If you like spooky stories, true evil bad guys, and spunky heroines, you will like Meghan’s Legacy!

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