Thursday, April 03, 2014

Addicted to Writing Presents: Sweet Misbehavin' by Christine Young

Title: Sweet Misbehavin'
ISBN: 978-1-62420-110-3
Author: Christine Young

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
Excerpt Heat Level: 2
Book Heat Level: 5

Cast adrift after fleeing the home of Jokul, the ice demon, Atantsi, a firestarter, grew to womanhood as she moved through time to keep the demon from finding her. Though stubborn and courageous, she was ill prepared to use powers she had not been taught. Her first sight of the intoxicating Carr McKenna left her breathless, and her second encounter gave her hope for a future she never thought she had.

A playboy, a second son and a shifter, a man who thought his life would be carefree, Carr McKenna was shocked to discover the woman he’d paid as an escort is a firestarter who is running for her life. He is the leader of all the McKennas around the world and that he has multiple powers. His passion for Margo and the need to defend her might cost him his life as well as hers.


What did she know about love? Nothing so this could not mean anything. It was just a precursor to sex and she was getting paid very well to let this man do anything he wanted with her. She might as well enjoy the moment and the new sensations, because she'd never felt this way.
"Let me inside, sweetheart."
She started to speak but was stopped when his tongue swept inside her mouth. Their tongues met and danced, played until she heard herself moan with pleasure. His growl came from deep inside and rumbled upward until she felt as if she knew the essence of the man.
Margo wanted more. Her hands rose and she ran her fingers through his hair. It was soft and silky. She felt her body clench and unclench and she knew she needed more than his tongue inside her mouth. But it was too soon. She didn't know who he really was and once again she forced herself to remember. Emotions about love and forever had no place in her life.
But this man had the potential to change her mind.
His fingers moved down her neck and across her shoulders. They traveled down her spine and when they moved back, she felt his fingertips on her flesh. His kiss was hot; his touch a firestorm.
Caught up in the moment, she pulled his shirt from his jeans, reveling in the feel of his skin against her hands. Melting inside she couldn't think, could only feel.
Yes, feel the flames his kiss ignited inside and the inferno his calloused fingers detonated within.
He pulled back for a moment and she cried out inside, "no, don't stop."
But he stopped so he could sweep her into his arms and carry her to the couch where his lips met hers again. Her mouth felt swollen, the mercuric heat startling her.

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