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#TellTaleTuesday: The Rixey Files #Crime

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EXCERPT: The Rixey Files Book One

I poured a cup of coffee and fixed it the way I liked it and decided to read the file, Hitler in Argentina 1945-1964 first.
I flipped to the first page and saw a very primitive looking Top-Secret coversheet. It had a description of what the item was, in this case, a letter. The number of copies, which was two, the date the document had been created, September 1, 1945, and a description of the topic of the document: HITLER ESTABLISHED BASECAMP. There was a to and from that were very troubling names: Harry S. Truman was the receiver of this report and J. Edgar Hoover was the was the sender. Under the checked out to list I saw two signatures that didn’t ease my mind, Allen Dulles and John Dulles. Allen Dulles had been the head of Swiss Operations for the OSS during World War II. His job involved gathering intelligence on the Germans and as such developed a cozy relationship between himself and several high-level Nazis such as Martin Bormann. He later became the first civilian Director of the CIA, serving from 1953-1961. His brother, John Dulles served as Secretary of State under President Eisenhower. These two were definitely players in the American intelligence field.
Both men held Anti-Semitic views and were suspected of being pro-Nazi. The men saw Nazism as a better alternative to Russian Communism. Pre-WW II saw the explosion of German sympathizer groups like the German-American Bund. This thinking was not merely restricted to the common man. Such American luminaries like Joseph Kennedy, the father of a future President, Charles Lindbergh, and Walt Disney all held similar views. I remembered back to one of my history classes. My professor said had it not been for Pearl Harbor, Germany might have easily won World War II. I suspected she was right.
The report had not been declassified, I double checked for that. I wondered how Willard managed to get me a copy of it? I knew Willard had friends who worked in the intelligence field. It was something I would have to ask him about the next time I saw him. The letter, more of a memo actually was short and to the point:
“Mr. President:
This is to inform you that Adolph Hitler has been safely ensconced in the Eden Hotel. It is located in the town of La Falda which is approximately four hundred and fifty miles from Buenos Aires. He is secure there as the hotel is owned by the Einhorn family. HerrHitler has been very helpful with our plan to gather up the top scientists, their research, and whatever advanced weaponry. This program is being carried out under the auspices of Operation Paperclip. For the time being, the fact that Hitler committed suicide in Berlin continues to be accepted by the world and offers his best chance for safety. Further updates will be provided in person by me. This is much too sensitive of a matter for any more communications in writing. If you have questions concerning this matter, please contact me and we will discuss your concerns in person. You will be informed in writing of any other new developments. Only you and your successors will be cleared to have knowledge about this operation. Allen and John are coordinating the project overseas and I am handling the project in America. I realize you may have some concerns on Operation Paperclip, but its continuation will help America defeat the Red Menace.
S/ J. Edgar Hoover”
There was a second letter. It was dated October 1, 1945. It too was labeled Top Secret. It was addressed to President Truman again and had been sent to him by Allen Dulles with notification that a copy had been sent to J. Edgar Hoover. This one briefly outlined the escape of Hitler from Germany. The title for this was HITLER’S ESCAPE DETAILS FROM BORMANN DIARY.
“President Truman:
As to how Hitler and his entourage escaped Germany, they were able to escape their bunker to a private airport that had no yet fallen under Russian control. The billions of dollars in money, precious metals, gems, and artwork that were appropriated by Germany had been sent off to Argentina weeks earlier when it became apparent to Martin Bormann the war was lost. ‘I arranged for a false weather report to be sent to Allied intelligence which created a situation that grounded their flights. This allowed the three planes carrying Hitler and his entourage to easily fly to Spain. Once they arrived in Spain, they used two U-Boats for the rest of the journey.’ This report has been taken directly from Martin Bormann. Please note, we have been greatly helped by both Juan and Evita Peron. Without their help, we would have never been able to place Hitler in Argentina. We need to do our best to keep them if not in power, close to the power. Please let me know if you have any other questions. I will be able to arrange a meeting at your convenience.
S/Allen Dulles”
There was one final letter that was dated 15 December 1964. It had been addressed to Lyndon Johnson and had been sent from John A. McCone who was director of the CIA. It was also acknowledged that Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover had read the letter. It was entitled: HILTER EVACUATION.
“Hitler had to be moved to a Bavarian-styled mansion at Inalco, a remote and barely accessible spot at the northwest end of Lake Nahuel Huapi, close to the Chilean border. It was the only facility we could find that would offer much better security, had room enough for his labs, and the large number of his entourages and scientists. We are certain that this area is indeed secure and don’t envision any more security problems from this location. Security was broken by a captured Nazi war criminal who confessed Hitler’s location to the Mossad.
S/ John A. McCone.”

If this is really true, I thought, I could see why no one would want this out.


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