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Title: Life on Another Island
            Life on Another Island Series Book 2
Author: Ruth Danes
ISBN: 978-1-62420-383-1
Genre: Alternative History/Historical/Adventure/Romance
Keywords: Alternative history, adventure, thrillers, 18th century, historical, romance
Excerpt Heat Level: 1
Book Heat Level: 4

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Adeliza, the Demonic princess turned English maid, begins another chapter of her life, this time with a companion. However danger and adventure still follow her.

BLURB: Life on Another Island

Adeliza, now a little older and very much wiser, makes an alliance in the hope of keeping herself safe and promoting her future happiness.

However, events both in Britain and abroad threaten not only her unexpected joy but also her very life and her adopted homeland. Can she fight to save herself, those she loves and Britain itself?

EXCERPT: Life on Another Island

It was decided that as a bride I should open the ball and the guest of honour was to be Mr. Wild so I had to dance with him. There was no way around it, he had recently received his medal and everyone expected it. I dreaded being in such close contact with him for two dances, I could not believe he would not recognise me.
Mr. Wild gave me his arm and we led the way into the ballroom to form the head of a set for the first dance. I felt shy at so many eyes upon me, although I was becoming used to being considered important once more and annoyed at my partner’s self-satisfied smile. However, as our two dances progressed I learnt things from him which made me glad I had the opportunity to be with him.
We talked of the Demonic plot which seemed to have materialised as a few tiny pockets of rebellion in both Scotland and the north of England which had soon been suppressed. In Denmark there were riots and wide-spread looting. In Iceland the situation was even worse due to the country’s poverty which became desperate after the volcanic eruption in 1783.
“Those who went back to the Devil’s Isles are unfortunate if they were transported and fools if they went willingly. There is very little there, the blast of 1780 saw to that, and that was supporting a colony of about three hundred people. Many times, the number have drawn anchor at the Bay of Arx. They’ll be famine, war and disease in no time.”
I shuddered and could only be thankful for my own situation. Mr. Wild continued.
“I’d bet you’re glad your husband is no longer a commissioner, ma’am.”
“I am glad to have him with me, yes. Why, are they going to be sent out there again?”
“Officially no, but unofficially it is very likely. At the moment they are hunting out plots all over Europe, including here. The tide is starting to turn against them though. They were revered as men who risked their lives and sacrificed their dignity to win a war and wipe out human sacrifice but now there are complaints that they are taking bribes and sticking their noses into other people’s business unnecessarily. Lots of dirty little secrets have been uncovered, secrets that have nothing to do with Demons, the Devil’s Isles or plots.”
“I meant to ask, how can Demons be transported from Denmark and Danish colonies if the Devil’s Isles belong to Britain?”
“I don’t know ma’am, but I wouldn’t be surprised if some people very high up have some very dirty little secrets indeed.”

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