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Title: Feeling Etienne’s Love

            Bad Boys Book Eight

Author: Christine Young

Genre: Historical Romance

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TAGLINE Feeling Etienne’s Love


An unexpected encounter at a brothel in Paris brings Elisa Moreau face to face with Etienne Dubois, a man she has loved since she was six years old.


BLURB: Feeling Etienne’s Love


He’s a bad bad boy...


Etienne Dubois is the son of a wealthy vineyard owner who craves the excitement of putting his life on the line. Working with the French government and as a confidant of King Charles X give him reasons for living. An encounter with a beautiful young woman in a plush bordello in Paris has him rethinking his roguish ways. Etienne never expects to become a father especially from one encounter with an innocent prostitute who whispers his name and has him rethinking his well-ordered life.


...But she can’t help feeling his love.


Elisa Moreau, the only daughter of Angelique Moreau, the owner of an exclusive bordello in Bordeaux, France, has loved Etienne Dubois since she was six. Unfortunately, until an unexpected encounter at a brothel in Paris puts the two of them in the same room, Etienne doesn’t even know she exists. Confused but wanting Etienne and this chance meeting to never end, Elisa gives herself to the man who has held her heart in hands for what seems like her entire life.


EXCERPT: Feeling Etienne’s Love


            He met her halfway, taking her hand in his. Before bending over, he caught her gaze with his, “Enchante mademoiselle.”He kissed the back, felt the shiver pass from her into him, and knew he’d remember this night forever.


            “Bonsoir,” she spoke softly, her words whisper thin as he sensed the potent surge of energy sweeping between them. He felt the soft flutter of air as she let out the breath she’d been holding. Then she looked upward, their gazes meeting his in a haze of powerful desire he could read clearly in her eyes.


            She wanted him.


            He watched as she seemed to try to inhale a large dose of air, her bottom lip finding purchase beneath her small white teeth. He thought of tasting that full lip, putting his teeth where hers touched. Beside him her body trembled. “You have nothing to be afraid of, mademoiselle.” His voice was soft and throaty from the rapid rise of passion. “Come, we can talk first if you’d like. Don’t have to rush anything tonight.”


            His hand was on her tiny waist, his thumb rubbing gentle circles. He was guiding her upward to her room, but he wasn’t sure where to go. She seemed to sense his hesitation then she looked at him with wide vividly unique blue eyes rimmed in violet. “Where are we going?” Then she paused again for what seemed an eternity as she looked around.


            “To your room. You have been assigned a room, haven’t you? Or is it too soon?” He didn’t want to wait or go downstairs until something could be arranged.


            “Oh!” She sounded surprised, her eyes widening with sudden comprehension. “My room, I thought. Second floor, first door on the right.”


            “Good, now that was not so hard.” He felt a small chuckle rise from his belly as they turned down the hallway to stop at the first door. She is delightful.It swung open. He waited for her to walk inside before he closed and locked it behind them, leaving the key in the door. Clearly, she was nervous. He wanted her to relax.


            She stood in front of him, her hands clasped tightly in front of her, wispy strands of nearly white, blond hair falling in soft very touchable curls around her face while the rest was piled intricately on top of her head. Her uniqueness stole his breath. Did she have any idea how beautiful she was?


            “What do we do now?” 


            She looked to the floor then back to him, her blue-violet eyes shimmering with some emotion he craved to discover. For a moment, her hand fluttered upward and toward him before she drew it back.


            “Take all our clothes off.” 


            He watched the expressions flit across her face then thought better of his statement. While that was his intention and hers to be sure before the night’s end, perhaps this was too soon. If she were the new girl, this would all be uncharted territory for her.


            “Do we have too?” She looked up, startled wide eyes staring at him. “I mean...”


            He kept his laughter behind his teeth. “Non, but it would be more fun as well as easier if we did.”


            Now she looked down, plucking at her skirts and before he could say anything more, she touched his chest with her small hand. “If you say so.”


He placed his hand over hers, enjoying the pressure. Perhaps something else to speak of would be prudent at this time, “Do you have a name?” He spoke gently in a fervent attempt to ease the way for her.


            “Do you?” 


            She sounded defensive. He wasn’t too sure why. He only asked for a name.


            Perhaps she wasn’t as nervous as he thought. He would have to proceed with caution before he could see just what was going to transpire next. He bowed low, “Etienne Dubois at your service.”


            Turning her head away for a moment then looking at him and with a few blinks of her eyes, “Elisa.”


            “A pretty name for a pretty lady. Do you have a last name?”


            “Just Elisa.”


            Realizing she would give up only so much, he granted her the omission for now. In the scope of things her last name was hardly important. After tonight, he didn’t plan on seeing her again.


            “Just Elisa, are you the new girl?” he asked, suddenly wondering just how new she was to all this. 


            If she was still a virgin, Madame Margaux would charge him double. He realized he didn’t care. All his previous notions coupled with his reservations about bedding a virgin vanished as he watched her small, pink tongue moisten her bottom lip. In that instant he was fully aroused.


            She was shaking her head then, seeming to deny the fact but everything about her actions described a novice. “No, well, yes, I suppose I am new to all this. Don’t understand what is expected of me though. Never been with a...” 


            Once again, her moist tongue swept across her lips leaving them wet, enticing and very pink. She invited him to intimacy with such delicate gestures.





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