Thursday, January 21, 2010

I want to write, I want to write, I want to write. And I would love to teach if there weren't so many obstacles standing in the way. Why can't everyone love to learn? Learning is fun! And exciting! I think most writers love to learn, they love to research and create new lives through thier imagination. I love to learn everything. It doesn't matter if it is how to do a new type of math problem, something historical, or just something I can take home and tell my husband. Learning keeps the brain cells alive. That and fish. I guess that is why my family loves trivial pursit. We pursue all kinds of knowledge even if to most it is trivia. Why don't people care enough about themselves to try? Some psychologists might say it is because of low self esteeem. How does one have this condition when there are so many people who insist there are no consequenses for actions? I know the answers are convoluted, it is just that I have a burning need to vent today. After two horrendous days when the moon isn't even full, I am trying very hard to stay positive. If anyone is out there listening, thank you.

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