Monday, January 18, 2010


Resolutions are like goals. We all have them either in our mind or written on paper somewhere. I've found that writing goals down will help me keep them. Goals have to be specific and time bound. They are short term and long term. So what are my goals for the new year?

To begin with I have to finish my St. Patrick's Day anthology story. I had hoped to finish it last summer but only managed to write about a third of it. Now, I have to start from the beginning. This is a good and a bad thing.

Second, I would like to pull Ghost Dance from the mires of my very old computer, reread it, edit it and submit it to RPP for publishing.

Then I would like to finish the third book in the 12 book series I began several years ago. Allura being the first book, The Wager the second book, and A Marriage of Inconvenience would be the third.

And I would like to publish at least one post a week on all of my four blogs. (Maybe I can do this one too)

Realistically though, I will be happy to just finish the St. Patty's Day story.

So goals vs. resolutions? Hmm are they one and the same or are they different?


Anonymous said...

Why do you have 4 blogs?

annnnd you should change your background!


Christine Young said...

Somehow it just happened. Go figure. But one is for the bussinees. One is for the Rogues Angles so I share that one and the other is to promote my twelve dancing princess series. Of which I have only completed two books. Find me a new background I like and I'll change it.

Anonymous said...

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