Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trends in Romance,

Mind boggling doesn't come close to trying to figure out the trends in romance writing created single-handedly by the big publishing houses. When I first began to read romance, my favorite historicals were centered around the War Between the States. Suddenly this was taboo. The houses were not accepting these stories. "Write something else they would say." Then as an after thought they would mention that the author had to be passionate about thier story, "Write from the heart" LOL. As I progressed in my writing skills and publish a western romance, I discovered that now they (the big pub houses in New York) wanted highland sories. So, I picked up my pen--keyboard--and wrote three highland stories. They sold well, but they were turned down by my previous house and picked up by an epub. But the epub wanted regencies. So, once again, I tried my hand at this time period. I went to London, bought numerous books, and studied them. I'm not sure how these books will do. I have one at awe-struck and another one about to be published. Time will tell :0).

Oh, and I forgot to mention loving pirate stories. And they to have seen thier time. It has come and gone--but I think they may have come back. By the time I write them they will probably no longer be a trend. Thank goodness for epubs. One can truly write from the heart and be passionate about the story.

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