Sunday, May 30, 2010

The next mind style I want to address is Abstract Random.

Flakes: In layman's terms this one word sums up the Abstract Random personality type. Gregore says when they are at their best they are like beautiful snow flakes, each one incredibly unique and together they cover the world with a dazzling art display. they are the emotional, heart centered, sensitive point that establishes rapport with other points in a spirit of good will.

Priorities include:
Emotional, Personal, Empathy, Flexible, Sensitive, Sociable, Vivid Imagination, Go with the flow, Bright and colorful.

Favorite Sayings:
"If it feels good, do it." "Take time to smell the roses." "The heart has reasons, that rason has no knowledge of." (In a strange way I understand that)

Partial List of strengths:
Establishes quality relationships
Accurate "gut feelings"
Celebrate music, art, nature and literature
Enthusiasm and passion
Warm fuzzy people

Partial List of Annoyances to other mind types;
Can be an off the wall flake
Operates on "ish" time when others don't
Extreme moodiness due to an inability to balance the extremes of their emotions
Overly sensitive to correction

Personal Preferences:
Must have freedom of movement, expression of thought, and emotional exercise
Need a place to which they can retreat to recollect, recharge, and reorganize
Want to work and share with others
"all for one and one for all" non-competitive.

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