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Her life was at stake... ...And so was her heart.

When Emma St. John received her brother's letter imploring her to escape her stepfather's vengeful scheme and to trust Dakota Barringer with her life, she was willing to chance it. But the handsome, brooding riverboat owner Emma found in Natchez was a danger of another kind. For Emma soon found herself surrendering to an unrelenting desire.

Tell me a little about yourself Emma.
I grew up in a loving family but my father died when I was young and my mother married the senator. My brother Jacob detested the man and left to find adventure in the west. I have a little sister by the name of Claire. I adore her even though the senator is her father.

Why did you run from your home?
My stepfather drugged me then kidnapped me. When I woke I was in a brothel. I learned my mother had died. I managed to escape from there, heading west to find Jacob. I remembered a letter he sent me and went in search of a riverboat owner by the name of Dakota.
Dakota what?
Just Dakota. He is a white man who was raised by the Lakota Sioux.
Was that scary?
No, I was too afraid of the senator and Jacob trusted him, so I knew he was the only person I could turn to for help.

Why did you bring your little sister, Claire, with you?
I couldn't leave her to grow up with the senator as a role model. I was sure he murdered my mother but I didn't have proof.

When did you find out you were accused of murdering your mother?
I escaped the senator on a train. When I stepped from the train, I saw a handbill that read--WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE EMMA ST. JOHN-- Chills swept up my spine, and my grip on Claire's hand tightened so much she asked me what was wrong. I couldn't tell her. It was then I realized the senator had framed me for my mother's murder.

What did you think when you first saw Dakota?
He seemed--nice enough.
Tell the truth…
He was so handsome my breath caught in my throat then I wanted to touch him everywhere. I wanted him to…uh…
Kiss you?
Oh, I did. I was so hot…and my skin felt as it was on fire…
Was it love at first sight?
Yes… but I didn't want to admit it. I didn't believe in love and he thought I was… he thought I was a prostitute. Then when he figured out I wasn't…he wouldn't look at me or talk to me because I was white.

Did you ever expect to find yourself riding cross-country?
I didn't know how to ride a horse when we started. I had to learn fast. I was sore everywhere but I wouldn't admit to any weakness.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced?
When Dakota was shot…I…I had to keep him safe and I didn't know how.

How did you meet Christine?
Dakota introduced us. She knew him first.

Does she run around with other characters?
Too many. It gets so confusing in her head sometimes. She knows a wonderful lady who keeps a boarding house in Mist Harbor, Oregon, and female Doctor in the Dakotas and a real nice female Pinkerton agent who lives in Denver.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
There is so much, I couldn't possibly say everything. But if you want you can read all about Dakota and me in her book Dakota's Bride.

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