Sunday, October 24, 2010

Interview: Velvet LeBon

Tell us a little about yourself--Velvet--or is it Constance?

I much prefer Velvet. It has such a rich texture, don't you think? But one can't rely on any of my answers, you know I was never very good at telling the truth. This is the truth. I love my work…and men…and controlling them. I have untold power and I love to use it to make them squirm.

Uh, that sounded pretty honest for someone who doesn't like to tell the truth. How did you come to this profession the owner of a brothel in Denver no less?

I enjoy the finer things in life. I can buy whatever I want and I don't have to ask for handouts from a man. A woman has to enjoy what she does…doesn't she? I mean…I could never be a school marm.

Velvet, you didn't answer the question.

Oh, I didn't did I? Well, one affair led to another…I just couldn't say no. And it became more and more apparent that I was very good at what I did. So…I decided I should be paid for my…a services. After awhile other girls were asking for my advice and help int the business. One year led to another and before I knew it, I owned my own house.

What did Wild-Cat-Who-Stalks-the-Night mean to you?

Dakota? He is soooo sexy. And what a man…wow! I would have enjoyed keeping that one on a short leash but he was too proud. I had to cut him loose.

What do you think of the Senator?

Ah, Lawrence, he risks too much over his infatuation with Emma. I'm afraid his little house of cards will collapse around him. Otherwise we are like two peas in a pod. We think a like.

Who came up with the idea for an auction?

That was the senators…again it's that damn infatuation of his. He's going to ruin both of us if he doesn't pay attention.

How did you meet Christine?

She has this great relationship with villains. And since I'm the best villain of all time we sort of connected.
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