Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet Aleda and some of the other wonderful characters created by C.L. Kraemer. In the next week I will post interviews of Cyre Drake from Dragons then Gitty and Tiamoom from the Valentine and upcoming St. Paty's Day Anthology. Please join me in welcoming C.L. Kraemer and her characters.
Dragons Among Us by C.L. Kraemer

In a human world where most two leggeds are oblivious to day-to-day changes around them, shapeshifters and dragons must find a way to live without discovery.

Aleda Sable is a young black woman working on her master’s degree in Portland, Oregon as she works to pay her bills at Portland’s Choice, a less than reputable newspaper. On her annual vacation to the area around Mt. St. Helens, she uncovers her identity.

You made a recent discovery that changed your life. Can you tell us about that?

Wow! What a shocker. I have an – unusual background. I remember bits and piece of a childhood where stepping outside the lines resulted in extreme punitive measures. Vague recollections of running through hallways pretending to be a dragon littered my memory as well as an incident of fire breathing I put down to a magic trick I’d learned from a childhood friend.
My first shifting changed my life. I’m still learning how to fit into the human and dragon world.

What do you think of the young dragon you met?

Cyre? He’s so much fun! I like that he’s innocent and doesn’t have any ulterior motives. He was very thoughtful, and helpful, when I was learning in dragon form. I guess you could say he’s my mentor. I’m still getting the hang of the dragon world and he’s helping me through the pitfalls.

How are you going to combine both worlds?

This has been the real challenge. Learning my lifespan has just gone from the 80 years of most humans to 750 years as a shapeshifter has my brain in a spin. All those hold Highlander television shows flashed through my mind.
I’m trying to decide if I want to live as a human, dragon or both. I think it’s going to take awhile but I’m not worried. Time is now something of which I have plenty.

You seem to have been thrust into a position as a representative.

Yeah, that was spur of the moment. Cyre’s sister, Brittany, felt I would be a good candidate to represent the shapeshifters who are facing the sudden shifting problems.

Are we going to hear more of your story?

Yes. I’ll be back in Dragons Among the Eagles, which will, hopefully, be published in the summer of 2011. By that time I hope to have a better handle on which lifestyle I’ll decide to live.


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