Thursday, November 18, 2010

Welcome Gitty! Hope you enjoy your interview on my blog.
Lending Library [Valentine Anthology, February 2010]
Meadows of Gold [St. Patty’s Day Anthology, March 2011]
By C. L. Kraemer

Stories of faeries defending their homes in the meadows against the night elves.

Gitty Saun – female night elf

As a night elf, how do you view your role in the Lending Library and Meadows of Gold?

Everyone knows night elves are better at, well everything, than everyone else but I didn’t think the writer was very empathic to me.

Didn’t you try and start a war?

No. We, uh, we were exercising our right to own property. America really is a terrific country, you know.

I understand your brother was involved in a duel.

He is the exception to the rule regarding night elves. Most days I think he wears his brain in his trousers.

What was the reason for the duel?

All this talk about Morgan is tedious. I’m more intelligent and all around smarter but I may as well tell you. Everyone in the valley knows anyway. The story I heard was Morgan was with one of his human girlfriends and some outsider with an accent insulted her. Morgan was standing up for her honor; more like making sure he had a steady supply of mead. I heard the new guy wasn’t inclined to apologize to Morgan issued a challenge for a duel.

In Meadows of Gold, it looks as though you have a love interest. How did you two originally meet?

I, [small cough], won’t talk about… Blade. That was a long time and different life ago.

Will you be appearing in another story?

As far as I’m concerned, no. Not unless the writer is willing to be nicer to me. I’m done.

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