Sunday, November 21, 2010

Welcome Tiamoon! It is wonderful to hear from you. I've enjoyed your part in the stories.

Lending Library [Valentine Anthology, February 2010]
Meadows of Gold [St. Patty’s Day Anthology, March 2011]
By C. L. Kraemer

Stories of faeries defending their homes in the meadows against the night elves.

Tiamoon, gnome warrior

You’ve appeared in two anthologies so far. Do you like the way your story has been presented?

I’ve no complaint with the presentation. I was, after all, just doing my job to protect my valley and friends.

Have you always lived in the valley outside Eugene?

No my original people were from Ireland but famine and overpopulation drove us to the new world. We discovered the glen a couple generations ago.

Most gnomes are protectors of the land. Why did you choose the warrior life?

It’s the calling of my family. We chose the honorable warrior path when no others stood up. There was a need; we fulfilled it.

You seem to have a love/hate relationship with the faeries. Why is that?

Faeries are such nefarious creatures. They only live to have fun. Personally, I don’t care how they choose to live. The truth is most people don’t realize how powerful they are. They’ve taught all others how to use magic. When they mess things up… they really mess things up.
The one thing they don’t know how to do is stay out of trouble.
That’s where I come in. They get offended and act as if they can do things for themselves but they just make it worse.
I guess we agree to disagree.

Do you think you’ll be around for another anthology?

It’s a possibility. I’ll have to talk to C.L. Kraemer when she gets back from associating with the dragons.

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