Thursday, August 04, 2011

favorite summer reads

Going on vacation? Have a kindle or other ereader? What is your favorite book to download and take on your summer vacation?
1. Dragons Among Us by C.L. Kraemer
2. Dragons Among the Eagles by C.L. Kraemer
3. Ghost of a Chance by Minnette Meador (heat level 5)
4. Blue Fire by Angela Castle (heat level 5)
5. Stealing Fire by Angela Castle (heat level 5)

Historical Romance
1. Halsey Brothers series by Paty Jaeger (heat level 4)
2. Lakota/Pinkerton series by me--Christine Young starting with Dakota's Bride (heat level 4)

Contemporary Romance
1. The Look of Love by Rosemary Indra (heat level 3)
2. Rekindled Love by Rosemary Indra (heat level 3)
3. Songs of the Heart by Genene Valleau (heat level 3)
4. Feathers on the Floor by Genene Valleau (heat level 3)
5. Safari Moon by Ann Christine (heat level 3)

1. Healthy Homicide by C.L. Kraemer
2. Shattered Tomorrows by C.L. Kraemer available August 5th Friday! Yay!

1. Peace Breakers by Mindy McKay
2. Soul Game by Mindy McKay

1. Rat by Melody Tink
2. Shadow Dancer by Courtney Rene

Leave a comment or book suggestion and I will add the book choice to the list for great summer reading

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