Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Must to do's in Oregon

I didn't rank these although they are pretty much in order of how I thought of them. If you are an Oregonian, have visited here, or read about Oregon in travel books etc... Please leave a comment with something you loved about Oregon.

1. Visit Crater Lake (I actually swam in Crater Lake)
2. Watch a sunset over the Pacific Ocean
3. Ride the chairlift to the top of one our ski areas i.e. Mt. Bachelor and Mt. Hood come to mind.
4. Visit Multnomah Falls
5. Attend a Civil War game
6. Visit Jacksonville
7. Visit Oregon's Vortex in Gold Hill
8. Go white water rafting on the Rogue River or any other magnificent river in Oregon
9. Tour Oregon Gardens
10. Tour Bush House in Salem
11. Attend a Trail Blazer game
12. Powell's main bookstore downtown.
13. Enchanted Forest
14 Reed Opera House in Salem
15. Silver Falls and a must do if you like to walk is to hike the 7 something miles around them.

Please leave a comment. I've done all ten of these. I need some places to go.


Linda Mercury said...

Go to Powell's main store downtown.

Check out the roses at the Rose Gardens.

Pittock Mansion

Christine Young said...

absolutely! and I will add it. I also forgot Enchanted Forest and my daughter is married to the owner and founder of it.

Ashley said...

I was going to say Enchanted Forest! I know we're used to it, but if you haven't stopped in the Opera House lately, there's a long video about Roger and his story about creating the park and it's really interesting and inspirational. A great Oregon story.

Christine Young said...

And you just named another place to go in Salem. Reed Opera House

Jenee Koci said...
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Jenee Koci said...

Haha Ashley was talking about the Opera House at Enchanted Forest :)

Jenee Koci said...

Silver Falls

Christine Young said...

I didn't even know there was an Opera House at Enchanted Forest. Guess you learn something new everyday.

Arlo said...

There are many places to see around Bend. Three sites in close proximity just south of Bend are: a great view of the lava flows and the Cascades from the top of Lava Butte; go inside a lava tube at Lava River Cave; and the High Desert Museum.

LJ or Star. said...

I'm not an Oregonian, but I had a wonderful time there in August last year. Two things I recommend that aren't already mentioned: The Waffle Window (the bacon, brie and basil waffle is amazing) and visting Shaniko ghost town. Shaniko is truly a remarkable place to visit and I'd love to go back.