Sunday, June 23, 2013

Christine Presents: Bobble Head Babes

Bobble Head Babes the Continuing Saga...

June, what a month it has been. I'm thinking it is practically over and all of the celebrations, at least for the young family are finished. 

We started with our thirty-fifth wedding anniversary. Whew!! re really made it that long? Three grown up children, two granddaughters and a grandson due in about three weeks. I know his mom is hoping for a bit sooner. How we forget that last month of pregnancy.

Then we had a whirlwind father's day weekend. Our Eugene granddaughter stayed over Saturday night and the two girls played so hard, giggled so much and had the time of their lives. Sometimes I wonder how they giggle at nothing. Father's Day breakfast for the Dad's then off to Eugene to take the little one back to her parents and a Father's Day lunch.  

I think I'm still full...

Oh! that's because we just returned from the Eugene granddaughter's third birthday party. So much fun, perfect weather, playing in the wading pool. Hamburgers, noodle salad, green salad and birthday cake. Oh, and of course chips. All my points used up, guess I can only eat vegies tonight.

Looking forward to the release of two new books. Highland Miracle will be published whenever I get the galleys done. Plan to finish them next week. So, sometime in June.

Sweet Sexy Sadie, my August release will be sent out to reviewers next week.

I think it's going to be a busy week.


“Good, let’s go to the Red Neck Watering Hole Bar and Grill.” Brody opened the door and gestured for her to go first.

She laughed. “Is that really the bar’s name?”

“What better name. This here part of the country is filled with red necks and it is a watering hole. Not too many of them in this neck of the woods.”

“Is the food good?”

“The best,” he said as she accepted his arm and they left her room.

Sadie noted he’d made sure to check the lock on the door.

Inside the bar and grill, laughter and voices reverberated around the room. The scent of hamburgers and fries floated through the air. Sadie’s stomach growled.

“Brody, what’s up,” a friend called out.

Sadie knew what he really meant was who’s the new chick. Brody nodded and grinned at the man then ignored him.

“There’s a nice corner table,” he pointed then placed his hand at the small of her back to guide her in that direction.

“That’s not very friendly,” she tried gauging his reaction.

“Let’s just say I don’t want to share you today.” He looked at her and winked, his grin charmed the socks off her.

The gesture set a wave of belly laughter through her. “I’d like to meet your friends.” She shot him what she hoped was a sexy smile then waved to his friends.

A man stepped from around the corner of the booth they headed for. “You going to introduce this sweet looking woman?”

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