Sunday, June 09, 2013

Christine Presents: The Bobble Head Babes

The Continuing Saga...

What a beautiful weekend. It isn't very often that the rose parade in Portland, Oregon is experienced in dry weather. We are the state known for rain. 

Monday my courtyard fence went up. I couldn't work. The men constructing the fence weren't noisy but I lost my train of thought as I watched the fence materialize before my eyes. Jazzercise day.

Tuesday I ran five miles and was pretty much exhausted. I enjoy running but it usually takes a couple of hours to get my energy back. However, I didn't rest. With my husband and granddaughter we bought flowers at my favorite garden store. Not a lot but I bought my red & white geraniums for pots by the courtyard gates then purple (couldn't find blue) and white alyssum to go in those same pots. Then I bought starters for a hanging pot. 

Went out to dinner at Ventis to discover they changed their menu and my two favorite choices were gone. 

Sun all week. 

Wednesday, was home alone for me. I wrote but did not reach my goal which was to be on page fourty-five by Thursday morning. Sigh... I'm playing catchup now. Jazzercise day.

Thursday, another home alone day. Wrote pretty well, finished five pages but I'm still not caught up. I walked with the other bobble head babe but we didn't really have any crazy moments this week.

Friday, just me and my granddaughter. Didn't write so I'm behind again. Played on the swings, in the sandbox, train and little people. Had a wonderful time until I started sneezing. (allergies)

Saturday went to Jazz, picked up my granddaughter then pulled weeds in my courtyard. Trying to get the majority out but I didn't have all day to work on the yard. So, after my arms started itching I took a shower and tried to write. I managed four pages today and I might take a stab at five or maybe not. Spent some time looking at possible men for my Highland Miracle and Highland Sunrise covers. It's so hard to pick.

Sunday hope I'm walking with my walking pal. But haven't set a time yet. Hoping to write four pages again. It's easy when I have a plan and the characters are speaking to me, so hard when nobody in my book is willing to talk.

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