Sunday, July 07, 2013

Christine Presents: The Bobble Head Babes

The Continuing Saga...

Monday madness: It was a race to write my three pages of Highland Sunrise. Christel and Ryder discover that the man who has obsessed over Christel McClellan has just escaped Ryder's dungeon and has followed them to London.

Tuesday trivia: After running 5.4 miles and walking 4.2 all I could do was collapse on the couch. Yet my three year old granddaughter was having none of that. She loves our backyard pool and wanted to swim or float since she can't swim yet but she giggles her way around the pool, kicking and splashing the water. Tuesday the water was 82 degrees and Wednesday it soared to 88 degrees. As much as I like it warm that was a bit too much.

Wednesday: Home alone, what fun to have the house quite and no one bothering me with conversation or requests to play. I remember the summers when my kids were still in school but older. I would tell them don't talk to me unless the house was on fire or there's a medical emergency. Did they follow that?  Umm... nope!

Thursday: Another day home alone, woohoo! Love these days. Walked with the second bobble head babe who told me she had to give a mother druther day with her son. She wasn't quite sure what that meant. The fourth of July rolled in slowly but went out with a bang. Enjoyed dinner with my kids, granddaughter and a brides maid in my youngest daughters wedding at Olive Garden. Really pleased that they have a 595 calorie and below menu. Only a few items there but they are all fabulous.

This one's a bit surreal.

Friday: Was able to corp all of my 4th of July pictures. Now all I need to do is put the watermark on them and post to Rogue Phoenix Press ieasy store for sale. Oh, my 200 plus pictures. Googled how to take fireworks pictures and was pleased at the results not too pleased with crick in my neck though.

Saturday: Hmm... On the Agenda, writing three pages then watermarking my photos. After that, who knows? We will see and if I have time I'll add to the post. (writing this on Friday). It's now Saturday afternoon and I've accomplished nothing. But I did float on my pool for forty minutes with my granddaughter. Oh, I'm wrong, I bought a download to put watermarks on the images I'm photographing. Spent the better part of the morning trying to figure out the program. But I now have all of my 4th of July fireworks photos done.

Sunday: A good run or a walk at Silver Creek Falls. 

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