Saturday, August 17, 2013

Christine Presents: Sweet Sexy Sadie & “She knew she could never love any man the way she loved a blank sheet of paper that only she could fill.” ― Coco J. Ginger

In honor of Cliff Hanger Saturday: Infinity Cliff

Sweet Sexy Sadie
Available now at Rogue Phoenix Press
Brody stood at the top of Infinity Cliff, Sadie at his side. He'd wrapped his arm around her as if the gesture would keep her with him for eternity. She didn't lean into him as she usually did. The physical separation didn't alarm him as much as the emotional distance. Day by day they should be growing closer, melding as one.
Instead there was a chasm between them as deep and as wide as the Grand Canyon. A shield so thick even superman's x-ray vision wouldn't be able to penetrate its depth. He sought answers but none were forthcoming. For each step forward he took two backwards.
The sky stretched on forever. Stars blinked in the evening light and a soft wind blew across his face. He closed his eyes, letting the atmosphere settle inside and allowing his soul to cleanse.
Sadie stood stiff and tall against him. When he looked at her, her face was pale and she trembled. He didn't want to do that to her. He needed to make her happy.
"I don't get why we're here." She sounded petulant and irritable. He had hoped she would see the significance and the astounding beauty of Infinity Cliff.
"You need to see where I came from and the journey through time we travel together." He should have bit his tongue before he finished that sentence. With his words, she shifted farther away. A frigid cold swept through him. It was not the chill of the Chullachaqui but a coldness he had created.
"Brody," she turned toward him, "we've had this conversation. It isn't going anywhere. I'm not staying. I might return if this is where my team decides to study, but we might never see each other again."
For a while at least, he could ignore the negativity and think only positive thoughts. Compromise meant a great deal to him. He was more than willing to do his part. And what she didn't know was that he wouldn't rest until he called Sadie Monroe his wife.
He pointed toward the vast emptiness in front of them. His words were spoken softly and with a reverence that came deep within his heart. "The McKennas lived in the highlands of Scotland. How they came there no one knew. Some say they arrived after a long journey across Pangaea."
He inhaled a long deep breath for courage. What he was about to show Sadie could set back their relationship, could put them in jeopardy of ever moving forward.
"More folk legends?" She stepped toward the edge of the cliff then peered over it. "My God, there is no bottom."
"That is why we call this place Infinity Cliff." He wanted to laugh but held his breath instead.
"I see." She leaned farther.

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