Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christine Presents: The Bobble Head Babes

The Continuing Saga...

What a week it was. Monday I walked with the other bobble head and managed to slip on the shoulder of the highway. I went down, gracefully, my friend said but I pulled something in an already injured foot. It still hurts so I'm going to forego my workout today in hopes that the healing process will speed up. I have a lot of trouble with sideways movement which means jazzercise is almost impossible.

Tuesday must have been uneventful because I don't have a clue what went on except that maybe it was to get ready for my granddaughters birthday party. Four year old girls are so adorable and they play so sweetly but add two boys into the mix and we have STRESS! My goodness I forgot how boys play. I think with my son the parties were all outside so I never had them wrestling and running in my living room. Whew, I'm glad that is done.

Thursday we went to Wilsonville to see my youngest daughter. Dad helped her put a table and chairs together then we went out to dinner. Love Oswego grill happy hour. Good food at fantastic prices.

Friday we bought a new wall table. After all, we have to have room for Christmas decorations. It looks great!

Saturday I worked out twice which is why my foot is killing me today. Pounding on the treadmill for thirty minutes after aerobics for an hour does not help said foot heal. Ducks won Beavs lost and so did Stanford. Go Ducks. Have granddaughters today. It will be fun then Sunday dinner.

My WIP, Sweet Misbehavin is coming along slowly. But inches eventually make a mile and I will finish this. Maybe not on time but it will get done.

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