Thursday, November 07, 2013

Christine Presents: Silver Creek Falls in the Beautiful State of Oregon.

While the scenery in Greece and Albania was breathtaking, returning home I realized that perhaps what was out my front door was just as spectacular. So, while this isn't a travel blog, I wanted to give at least one day a week to the beautiful places close to home.

Silver Creek Falls is about twenty minutes from my home. It offers a wide variety of entertainment for those who love the outdoors. One can camp, ride horses, hike and photograph amazing scenery. The trail of ten falls is a must for every visitor to this State Park situated in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon.

The falls look different every time I go there to hike. One day the end of May 2013 there was more water flowing than I'd ever seen or heard. The roar of the water echoed throughout the canyon. Rain threatened that day so we wore our rain gain year. Yet the only time we needed it was when the trail wound behind the falls.

Opening in 1933, the falls have provided recreational entertainment to many families. Inside the visitor center and gift store they have a map of the world where a person can leave a pin indicating where they live. People from all over the world visit this wonderful place.

So... can we have a story here? I'm sure of it. There have been several movies filmed in parts of this park, including some of the Twilight movies.

I write love scenes with hot springs and waterfalls. With ten falls to pick from there is a lot to bring to the written page.

How would you use Silver Creek Falls Park in your book?

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