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They can’t control who their parents are or whether their blood is pure or tainted, but all hybrids must die.

EXCERPT: Ode to Rebellion

I stand silently until the H.P.V. gets here, and we board it. I get comfortable in a seat, knowing I have a long ride back to base.
“Are you sure you are alright?” Nova asks after a few moments.
“I’m fine, I promise,” I respond, leaning back against the seat and closing my eyes.
The H.P.V. falls silent again, all I hear are the sounds of my soft breaths and the occasional sigh from Nova. This will probably be all the silence I get for a while. The second we arrive back at base people will be rushing around, speaking to me, ordering me to go places.
The H.P.V. stays silent for a while. Suddenly there is a loud crash, and the H.P.V. trembles in the sky. My eyes shoot open. I look to Nova, who has jumped to his feet.
“What the hell was that?” he exclaims as he presses the button to open the door to the pilot.
The door slides open. The pilot presses buttons and flips switches one after another.
“Shots from the ground,” the pilot answers flatly.
Nova groans, turning back to me. “One of them must have hit a panic button before I could take them both down. They alerted a bigger base and now they are tailing us, trying to shoot us down. Damn it.”
He slams his fist into the wall of the H.P.V. making me jump.
“We have to do something before we get shot out of the sky. So, what are we going to do?” I stand, making my way over to Nova.
I look out the front window of the H.P.V., nothing but flat land as far as my eyes can see. “Go faster,” I say, “Let’s see if we can outrun them.”
“Those hydro-guns have a long range, Ara,” Nova counters.
“What else can we do? Set this thing down and fight? That would be the worst idea you’ve ever had. We have no idea how many are down there. We have no idea exactly what weapons they have. We have no idea if they have back up. If you want to set down, by all means, take your chances. Personally, I would like to live to see tomorrow,” I retort.
“What should I do?” the pilot asks.
“But…” Nova starts.
“Listen to me, Nova,” I sigh.
“What do I do?” the pilot asks again.
Suddenly another blast hits the ship. I stumble into Nova as we both yell, “Go faster.”
Nova hits the floor with a loud thump, groaning from my weight on top of him. I push myself up quickly, trying to avoid an awkward situation. I let out a puff of air, trying to blow a wisp of hair out of my face as I stand.
I straighten out my cuirass as I mumble, “Sorry.”
Nova gets back up without a word and leans against the door frame, looking out the window.
“We seem to be losing them.” the pilot states.
“Good,” I nod, sitting back down.
The rest of the flight back to the base is calm. We land at the base. Nova and I don’t exchange any words as we get off the H.P.V. I head straight back to my room, weaving through the masses of Humans and Oderians in the hallways of the base. I finally get back to my room and drop off my things. As I unload my pack I hear a light knock on the door.
“Come in,” I drone. I hear the swish of the door opening and closing. I glance up and see Nova. “What do you want?”
“I came here to say that I am here if you want to talk,” he says.
I burst into laughter, “Do you really think after everything you put me through I am going to come and confide in you? That’s funny.”
“Ara. I’m serious.” He takes several steps closer, setting his hand on my shoulder.
I push his hand away. “Nova, I’m not the same hybrid I was when we got here. I was scared, helpless. I had no idea what was happening. Now? Now if you want to mess with me, make me mad, please, by all means, go ahead, but I’m going to warn you it’s going to hurt. I’m tougher than I used to be. You really want me to confide in you? Then how’s this, based on what those two Constables said, Father probably died all those moons ago because I didn’t go back for him. I abandoned him. I abandoned him and everyone else I cared about. Guess what? I bet they are all dead now. Nova, I want to believe you, but I don’t know if I can. I don’t know if I ever will. So, you need to get over yourself and move on.” I turn back to unloading my stuff.
I grab a cloth and my staff. I perch myself on the edge of my regeneration tube, and as I begin to polish my staff there is another knock on the door.
I sigh, “I can’t catch a break, can I?” I close my eyes for a moment then open them and call, “Come in.”
Nova looks at me as I glance up at the door to see who came in. I see that it is one of the main leaders of the rebels.
“Yes?” I ask as I turn toward him, putting on a fake smile.
“Messier would like to see you two,” the Oderian says.
“Lead the way,” I reply.

Author Bio:

A. M. Harris is a young author from Tulsa, Oklahoma. She has had a passion for writing since the first grade. This book actually started as a project for her seventh-grade reading class and she continued writing it on into high school. Not only does she love to write but she also enjoys music and plays flute in her high school marching band. She is a dedicated student and works hard to achieve her goals



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