Monday, December 31, 2007

Ah, the last day of the old year. For me, it was a productive and fulfilling year. I hope that my readers can say the same and if not, may the new year bring only happiness. My oldest daughter and my son married their long time sweethearts. What joy. My family dealt with two bouts of cancer, one very rare and the other very common. The prognosis is good for both. A long time friend also is dealing with cancer. My prayers go out to her.

My second book in the Highland trilogy is a finalist in the Eppies. The third and last book, Highland Song, will be out in September of 2008. My writing always takes a back seat this time of year to work. But winter break provides extra time for me.

Yesterday, I left my hero and heroine frolicking in a loch. Now I had some reservations about swimming in a Scottish loch. But as I was in Scotland last summer, I know it is possible although chilly. No more chilly though than swimming in the Rogue or Crater Lake, both of which I have done in my life. I didn't want to give them hypothermia.

Best wishes to my readers for the new year.


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