Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well, there is a snow advisory and there is still a thin layer of snow on the ground. But enough of the weather. It's time to start writing. My characters are struggling in wet weather, cliffs and raging rivers. Will they survive? The worst of the worst English soldiers are chasing them up the ravine. And Lainie is exhausted past exhaustion if that is possible. Oh, but we know the heroine and the hero must survive but what treacherous times will they have to surmount before they can find true happiness? Tune in later for all the details.

Highland Song will be out in ebook in September 2008.

The next pressing issue for me and my family for the new year is good health. I've always been an exercise fanatic. Even walking the Portland marathon a year and a half ago. So I was surprised to discover my cholesterol was high. Now I'm looking for good cholesterol free recipes and even going as far as turning vegetarian. Any good vegie recipes out there to share?


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