Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well, it's the second day of winter break. I'm hoping to get lots of writing done as well as finish my christmas shopping. I'm going to announce a new contest to end in January. I'm asking that everyone give a comment about the weather in their part of the country. I will put all entries into a hat and draw the winner from that.

It's rainy here in Salem, Oregon. Not too cold but yesterday it was really nasty. I'm looking forward to hearing from all of you out there.

I plan on finishing a new book trailer. I've made one for both my Highland books. Now I'm working on one for Rebel Heart. A futuristic romance.

Look for Highland Magic an Eppie finalist at Amazon and at Awe-struck.



Elena Dorothy Bowman said...
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Elena Dorothy Bowman said...

Hi, Christine!

You wanted to know about our weather. Well, we are definitely having a White Christmas. We've have two snowstorms back to back with a few days in between that has left us with about two feet of snow. The snow is still on the trees, which makes for a beautiful winter scene, but it is also on our roofs. The weatherman is predicting rain, and rain on top of the snow on the roofs, could cause a major problem. We are hoping some melting will occur before the rain comes so that the snow will slide off the roofs and thus avert any caveins. But who knows, it is Christmas and good things could happen. MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW NEW!

Elena Dorothy Bowman
Journey to the Rim of Space and Beyond

Unknown said...

The weather here in the Kansas City, Mo area is cold and snowy. With a layer of ice under the snow. But since originally they had forcasted up to eight inches, I'm just happy we got no more than two or so.

Good day to stay in and write and read.


Carol Burge said...

The weather here in Michigan is crazy (what else is new?).

Last week we had a snow storm - schools were closed, nobody went out (and for us, it has to be bad for schools to close), the week before that, we had an ice and sleet storm, and yesterday, it was 44 degrees! It rained all day and all night long.

Right now (Sunday) it's 30 degrees, partly sunny/cloudy AND we have a wind advisory! Most of the snow that we got last week from the storm has melted. It's just wet and windy. No telling what we'll get on Christmas day. Us Michiganders are used to this kind of craziness, though.

That's Michigan weather for you!

Happy Holidays!

Anonymous said...

today in North Alabama-- cool and damp, 45F. Typical December weather. The hickory nuts have all fallen off the trees and my backyard is full of about a million brown leaves! ilena Holder/Rose Garden by Awe-Struck ebooks