Monday, February 18, 2008

Except for the banquet, swimming is over for this year. My girls were 4th at State! I truly didn't expect that high a place so I was pleasantly surprised. Wow! is more like it. They worked so hard and put in so much swimming time. Focused and dedicated would be two good words to describe them. But now that swimming is over, I'm focused and dedicated to getting my edits finished and sent off to my editor. And I'm going over my writing looking for comma mistakes, over and over and over.

And... I'm eager to get to my other book, An Uncommon Thief, sometimes known as The Pickpocket Dog. Ah... but what would it be like to have the endless energy of my swimmers. I think I knew that much energy a long time ago.

I'm still looking for the winner of my Winter Contest. Please email me your address. I will send the prizes asap.

And please enter my February Valentine Contest. Where is the most romantic place in the world? There are still two weeks left.



blackroze37 said...

would love to go ot ireland ot carribean islands, or any islands lik that ,
pure heaven it would seem

blackroze37 said...

dublin ireland

and dk the name of any citys in carribean