Friday, August 07, 2009

I have always loved to write villians into my stories. Antagonists are fun and they let the inner demon go unchecked. The two evil fae folk, and they really aren't that evil, they just like pranks and mischief more than most, are Conn and Carey. Conn has the task of seeing the arrogant and very pompous Florence marries our heroine. But he is bedeviled at every turn by Oran and Moya. Carey hasn't entered the story yet but she is Conn's sister. I haven't figured out her role yet but I'm sure she will be up to lots of pranks. Stay tuned for more adventures from our fae people.

Look for Forever His, coming in December 2009. Buy The Locket and The Talisman at Rogue Phoenix Press. These are the sequels to Dakota's Bride and My Angel.

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