Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of the groups I belong to asked the question: How is it working with other authors on a project? Good and Bad. The Rogue's Angels decided to work on Anthologies together. The first one will be published in 2010 on Valentines Day. The experience has been great. We are the best of friends and so we have been able to pull our combined talents into an anthology which will be a fun read. Our next project to be published in 2011 will be a St. Patrick's Day anthology. This one will be a little bit diffrent because we are trying to combine the three stories into one continuous one. I'm a little scared about how this is going to work but I think with lots of planning the story will come together. The problem with all this is that I'm not a planner. Sigh--it is a good thing Chris K. and Genene are excellent at this endeavor.

Look for The Wager coming in November from Awe-Struck books and Forever His in November from Rogue Phoenix Press. Yes, the date has been moved up. Go to http://aidansmisadventures.blogspot.com/ to read an excerpt from The Wager.

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