Monday, August 10, 2009

Let's try this a second time. Computers, we love them and we hate them. I was hunting for a title of a book and the computer froze. So everything I wrote vanished in a twinkle of an eye. Chapter 4--oh what a turning point the faeries have in store for the humans. It will keep you speeding through the pages to see what will happen next. And the feud, we are learning, was over something very minor which escalated as the years passed. These families should not be enemies!

Look for the new slideshow posted on I am working on it and it is growing in preparation for the release of the Valentine Anthology in a little over 6 months. I am looking for faeries for the Lending Tree by Chris Kraemer and a nutty professor for Chasing Rainbows by Genene Valleau and civil war clip art for The Gift, by me.

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