Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Excerpt: My Angel

Devil held her hands behind her back, her breasts now push­ing against his chest, almost as if he had planned the scene. Settled across his lap, Angela could feel the power of his muscles, the danger of the man. He had unseated her from her own horse, had played Sir Galahad to her damsel in distress— but he was no white knight.

Gathering what little was left of her willpower and on the edge of frustration, she meant to tell him what she thought of his actions.

"Let go of me," she said, stunned at her own audacity and the fact that it was the last thing she wanted to say.

His jaw clenched tight, his words spoken in a tense monotone, Devil said, "What a sassy little spitfire." Then he seemed to relax. "All spark, nothing more," he murmured, his breath ruffling her hair. "Can you deliver on the promise in your eyes? A kiss, perhaps, for the man who just saved your life?"

Angela swallowed hard.

"Take your hands off me,'' she said in her most commanding voice.

He laughed and pulled her closer, the intimate brush of his wild black hair across her shoulders sending her mind into a whirlwind of imagination. In his arms she couldn't think of anything but the way he felt against her and the need that seemed to overpower all rationality.

"Never, sweet angel," he whispered. "Grant me leave for one kiss and I promise you'll beg for more."

Lord, he made her melt. Could he really do that to her? Make her beg for more? "Arrogant..." she said softly.

He winked. One mesmerizing brown eye twinkled merrily at her. "True," he said, just as he lowered his mouth to hers....

He was right. She did want to beg and plead for more.

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