Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm celebrating the rerelease of the second book I sold to Kennsington. After receiving my rights from the first house to publish this book, My Angel will be published by Rogue Phoenix Press in August.

Angela is:

A beauty in buckskins.
When her father decided to send her to a finishing school back East, Angela Chamberlain refused to be confined to stuffy drawing rooms. Instead, the daring spitfire who could shoot like a man and ride like the wind longed for a life of adventure and romance--and she knew exactly who could give it to her. Devil Blackmoor was a hired gun with adangerous reputation. But Angela was willing to go to the ends of the earth to capture the handsome devil's heart.

He'd come to America looking for excitement, but Devil Blackmoor got more than he bargained for when he encountered a beautiful rebel who answered his kisses with a wild innocence that touched his very soul. Yet standing between them were more obstacles than either ever dreamed. For Devil had strapped on a gun for the wrong man, and that made Angela his enemy. Now, he'll have to choose between his duty and the woman he loves more than life.


Paty Jager said...

Congratulations, Chris!

Christine Young said...

Thanks Paty, it seems like a long time. Genene has created a great new cover for the release. Before she passed, Kate helped me get my rights back. I sure without her help, it would have taken a lot longer.

B. A. Binns said...

My congrats to you for getting your rights back. Now keep moving forward.

Christine Young said...

Thanks for the congrats. It has been great getting the rights back with the opportunity for more sales. I fully plan to keep moving forward. Positive thoughts!