Saturday, May 07, 2011

Beyond "Just Do It"

Beyond just do it.

As the Nike logo says, "just do it" can be the key to success. But sometimes achieving success and maintaining it goes beyond sitting in the chair and hammering out words. An author has to believe in her/himself. And how does one go about this task in a world of rejection letters.

Support groups. Everyone needs friends, family and writers need to add to this critique partners. These are people who will tell you the truth, good or bad. But they will know and understand how to do this in a non-hurtful way. I have wonderful critique partners. Too bad I don't have anything for them to critique (lop-sided smile). Maybe in a month…(big smile).

Goal setting. Stick to a plan Stan and keep on truckin'. Goals have to be realistic and attainable. They have to have to be set in a time frame. Once I set my mind to do something, I create a plan. I'm not much on writing it down (or plotting) but I will always have a plan in my head. But paper is good.

I digress. (as usual)

After I read my first romance book and then many more, I began thinking I could write a book. There were stories in my head. I had always had stories in my head. One day I was talking with my mother about writing and thinking I could write, and she told me to do it then. Years later, I've eleven published books and two anthologies.

How do you go beyond "just do it?" Is there a support group you count on?

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