Monday, May 16, 2011

Eating Skinny

It seems we are always on the look out for skinny foods i.e. foods we can eat all we want of without the risk of weight gain. So we eat sandwiches without mayo. (mustard lovers don't count). And we eat everything without butter. Which bread has the least calories? If you are with weight watchers then you want the foods with the least carbs. How crazy is that? They don't even consider calories anymore when they designate food points.

I just discovered a new way to eat wraps and cut out the carbs from the tortilla completely. It is a simple idea. Wrap your meat, vegies, cheese and etc in a lettuce leaf. What fun. I'm constantly on the look our for cheese with the fewest points. I love cheese. I have also found a new love for fruit. Fruit has zero points. So...can one eat all the fruit they want? Probably not because no matter how you slice the pie fruit has calories. However vegies are zero points too with far fewer calories. Oh, I forgot the ranch dressing has tons of calories and points.

How do you eat skinny?
Happy eating.


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