Sunday, May 15, 2011

Endorphins + music =

I say it equals a more creative mind, an ability to analyze and yes, to write. Jazzercise on Saturday mornings always gets my mind moving. I started this blog half way through the hard cardios. I love my early morning Jazz.

"Endorphins are neurotransmitters produced in the brain that reduce pain," says Alan Hirsch, MD, neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago. "They have also been known to induce euphoria." Drugs such as morphine, heroine and cocaine are classic endorphin-releasing entities, according to Dr. Hirsch. But luckily for us, there are less-addictive ways of experiencing such sweet rhapsody.

For some, the effects of endorphins can last up to 12 hours. Have you ever wondered why people exercise? Perhaps it's too feel this wonderful high without the drugs. Maybe it is because they are more productive after they workout.

Can you get an endorphin high without exercise? Well, of course you can. Have you ever heard the old saying, "laughter is the best medicine,"? Have you ever had a laughing attack that left you breathless but in an incredibly great mood?

Other possibilities: I have read that eating hot food can produce endorphins--the hotter the better.

How about the power of positive thought? Do we feel awful when negativity takes over our thought process. So it follows that positive thoughts might just produce endorphins in our bodies.

Other sources of endorphins are chocolate, the sun and reading, seeing or hearing something beautiful.

Yes, I've saved the best for last. A little sex or maybe a lot will give you an endorphin high. And being a romance writer this hits home to me.

A person doesn't have to sweat and run 4 miles every day to get the healthy benefits of the endorphins.

What gives you an endorphin high?

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Daniel Lance Wright said...

The endorphin thing is fascinating. Example: I'm a gym rat, always have been. In fact, I still hold a personal training certification. There have been numerous times working with weights while doing repetitions till burnout that I've experienced a high that can only be described as pre-orgasmic. No kidding! Also, less fun to talk about but more pragmatic, after any workout my mind is as clear as it will be all day long. It has been a major contributing factor to writing creativity. Add to that Enya playing in the background and that is what I consider to be the ultimate inspiration to get creativity flowing and the fingers hammering the keyboard.

Daniel Lance Wright

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Paty Jager said...

I agree, after a walk I always have a clearer head to write. But I also like music. After watching American Idol every Wednesday it takes a while for me to go to sleep because my mind id buzzing with ideas and things.

And I agree with the laughter...The only better high than laughter is sex.

Fun post, Chris!

Sarah Raplee said...

Another possible endorphin-producer: hugs! And holding a sleeping baby-Wow!

Your post got me thinking, Christine!

Cathryn Cade said...


What a great subject to get us writers thinking of ways to feel good AND spark creativity.

I'm hooked on exercise as a tension release--a great walk, bike ride or session of weights at the gym. Dancing around my house to country music is fun, too.

As far as sex, well, I'm happily married, so mmm-hmmm. ;D

And chocolate--how could I live without it? We romance goddesses demand it daily!