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Geronimo and the Apache Nation

Apache Nation continued. I love this part of writing. The research.

The Apache Nation was a very clever tribe.  They lived all over the southwest. The Apache had six regional groups which were, Western Apache, Chiricahua, Mescalero, Jicarilla, Lipan, and Kiowa.   Early the Apache inhabitants of the southwestern United States, some groups went as far south as Mexico. They settled in three deserts, the Great Basin, the Sonoran, and the Chihuachuan. The first intruders were the Spanish, who penetrated Apache territory in the late 1500s.
The Apache Shelter
          The shelter that the Apache Indians live in is the dwellings.  They built shelters that were called the “wickiup”. This shelter was covered with brush, grass, and reed mats, they always had a fire pit and a smoke hole. Almost everything that they used for shelter had grass on top to shelter them.
Apache Food
          The Apache gathered lots of foods that were cactus fruits and other wild plant foods. They also hunted animals that were deer, wild turkeys, rabbits, buffalo, bears and mountain lions. They didn’t fish and they killed eagles for their feathers. The Apache exchanged many things like buffalo hide, corn, cotton pottery and other things from the Pueblos.

          Men wore deerskin shirts, pants, and their moccasins. There was never a time when they were not wearing a loin-cloth. They also wore a deerskin cap with a symbolic ornament. The women wore high boot top moccasins and short shirts that were all made of deerskin.
        The Apache Indians would walk for many years before the horses.  When the settlers came they traded for horses, found some in the wild or some Indians stole them.  They also used canoes which they carved from big trees; it took them many days to carve out the trees because all they had to use was a sharp rock for each Indian.

indians on horses, not a link

The Apache had many different dances like rain dance, a puberty right, the sunrise dance for young women, a harvest and good crop dance, and a spirit dance.  They would pray in many different ways and would only hope for no death or disease.
          The Apache used many different kinds of bows and arrows. When the white men made shelters the Indians started to trade them for their guns which were rifles. The Apache tribes did not make their own arrow heads and they traded for them and when they went to catch their food they got really close to them because they thought that if they couldn’t get close to their prey then they wouldn’t be able to get close to an enemy. They also had many daggers and little hatchets that they made with sharp stones.
            The Apache language does not have F, P, Q, R, or V sounds.  Many of the Indians spoke the same language.  And almost all of the Indians had their own sign language. 

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