Saturday, May 19, 2012

Who is Colin "Hawke" MacPherson?

Friday was guy day and I introduced you to Hawke. Colin "Hawke" MacPherson is the hero in Highland Honor. I thought it might be fun to get to know the heroes of my highland books. However finding the right picture for him is difficult.

Yesterday I posted a picture of David Beckham a well known soccer star. I'm not sure he is quite right for the role.  I need a picture of him in a kilt.

Excerpt from Highland Honor.

"'Tis all right, lass. You dinna need to tell me anything."

"No! It is not all right. I won't go with ye. I won't go back."

"We've got her, Hawke."

"Aye, I see that you have." Laughter rang out from the shadows of the tavern. "Bring the wee lass inside where we can talk."

"Nay, ye have no right." Callie stiffened, searching the porch, every nerve strung taut. "I am not chattel ye can push here and there."

Music, sounds of laughter, the scent of ale and peat smoke floated and clung to the heavy night air. A man moved forward, silhouetted by the backlight of the tavern.

"I have every right," he said, but he made no move to change her situation or to tell his henchman to unhand her.

Struck by his size and with every nerve tightened, she inhaled a deep, ragged breath. When he stepped into a pool of light, she nearly gasped aloud. Moonlight gave his strong, well-chiseled features definition and there was a strange, vulnerable expression on his face.

Oh, but he was tall and his hair was as black as the night and the shadows surrounding him. His long, dark hair was pulled back and secured at his nape with a leather strap, his muscles rippling with every movement. At his side, he'd strapped a claymore, and a dirk was tucked into the top of his knee-high stocking.

Behind her, Pansy moved uneasily then trotted off into the darkness. "Pansy--"

"Dinna fret, lass. Hawke will send a mon after your pony."

"Hawke," Callie said his name aloud, returning her consideration to the man on the porch. She sensed his attention bone-deep, and her heart thundered, every instinct within calling out for her to flee. They thought she was someone she wasn't. Sensations she'd never felt before swept through her. 

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