Monday, May 07, 2012

Sharks -- It's Free On Amazon Kindle

Sharks, a sweet contemporary romance novella is free on Kindle for the next five days.



"No, stop!" Lilly cried out, her arms and legs flailing. Her heart racing, she grabbed for the door handle and shoved it hard. He reached for her, grabbing at her. A ripping sound followed as the sleeve of her blouse tore. Jerking away, somehow she managed to fling herself from the car and race through the darkness to the door of her rented apartment.

"Lilly, please," then "Damn," she heard but didn't stop.

Sobbing, she fumbled with the key, hoping her date would not come after her, praying he would take her 'no' for what she meant. No. Her breath came in short gasps. She didn't dare turn to see if he followed. He would be here, stopping her. Nothing but fear filled her. Behind her an engine roared to life. God, let it be Bentley's car.

Focusing on the key and the lock, she inhaled, willing her fingers to move with sure deft strokes. Tears streamed down her face. Tires squealed against the sidewalk and the car slammed to a stop so close she smelled the exhaust--heard the sound of the muffler.

"Insert, turn--insert, turn," her heart throbbed in her throat. Her fingers fumbled with the key. Swallowing her terror and the oversized lump, she heaved a heart-felt sigh as lights illuminated the front porch and the door swung open.

"No! Stop!" she heard from behind.

Lilly didn't turn to look at Bentley but she imagined the horrific expression on his face. "Not in this lifetime."

"Just wait a second," Bentley said more softly, but his voice grated on her frayed nerves and sent shivers down to her toes. The sound of the car door opening followed.

"Please turn…please.

"Amanda, omg. Thank you. I…"


Amanda's face was a study of confusion but she reached out, grabbing Lilly's arm and pulled her into the entrance.

"Did Bentley do something?"

"Close the door. Just frickin close the door now." Sweat dripped between her breasts and down her back. She held her hand at her throat, hoping the small gesture would help her breathe.

"Bentley, son of a bitch. For as suave as he appears, he can't do anything right." Amanda shut the door then locked it. Wrapping an arm around Lilly, she led her to the sofa.

"I…" Lilly couldn't force the words out--didn't want to admit even to herself that Bentley was pond scum--worse than pond scum.

"Sit. I'll get you a glass of water. Then you are going to tell me what just happened." Amanda gave her a quick hug before exiting to the kitchen.

Lilly relaxed back on the chair, her hand to her neck--rubbing in small circles. She closed her eyes and replayed the night's events in her mind. What did I do to make him think I wanted sex--wanted him that way? UGH! I know, I thought he was a gentleman. I believed he thought of me as a real person, not an object for him to use anyway he saw fit. I was soo… wrong.

"Nothing. Nothing happened." Her entire body shook. She didn't think she could stand without her knees giving way. Silence enveloped her in a thick murky fog. She didn't think she could find the way to the other side.

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