Friday, June 15, 2012

It's Guy Day Friday

Cameron Savage is a respected Doctor. He is, in this world, what is called an Outsider or some call Barbarians. During the wars the Outsiders maintained their immune system and were able to fight off the horrific diseases that terrified the world. Now years later the other race of people, City Dwellers, their towns are encased in a bubble to keep them germ free.

P.S. Thieftakers are a group of people who arrest those who steel viruses from the Disease Control Center. Sometimes they are not the most honest of people.

On guy day friday, we take a look at the guy's POV.

Cameron has a secret identity,  The Phantom.

The Phantom

"Little rebel."

The Phantom was sitting in his glider staring at a small box of flash pins. It had taken infinite patience and practiced skill to rescue one Victoria DeMontville from complete ruin. He had not wanted to show his hand so soon, but he could see no other way.

"What the hell did she think she was doing?" Cameron muttered. Yet he knew, in truth, he had to admit that Tori had woven deceit and intrigue around herself, and she'd had no other choice. He didn't have to see what the pins contained to know they held a wealth of damning information on them.

But too much time had passed. After Drake had given him the letter from Jonathan, he'd done some investigating on his own. That had taken valuable time. Then he'd seen to some personal matters.

Sheridan and Morray must have heard the same rumors as Drake, and they had beaten him to Tower City. He shouldn't have tarried at Reding, shouldn't have wasted precious time on a few simple details he could have seen to later.

The Phantom sighed deeply. "Now what?"

He set the box on the seat next to him, staring into the distance for several long seconds, his mind racing, plotting. Slowly the glider lifted from the ground, air borne, hovering a few feet off the earth then it shot skyward.

He landed on a grassy knoll near his cabin then walked the short distance to his second home. Sliding a flash pin into his computer, he turned on the monitor intent on seeing just what he'd discovered.

Research on genetic surgery--pros and cons--what went wrong years ago when the process was first discovered.

The chemical make up of the signe virus vaccine Tori was working on, incomplete but almost finished. And the little white flower she had pleaded so hard to keep on that day two years ago when he had encountered her in the forest. Jonathan had given it to her when his gut told him no.

Key words to unblock the computers in their lab and so much more.

Pouring himself a glass of water, he drank deeply. He really didn't no how to proceed with this. Quickly, he told himself and carefully, but so far nothing had gone as he planned.

He would need to call on Jonathan. Perhaps between the two of them they could come up with a viable plan. Marriage to Tori would have to be accomplished as soon as possible.

And how would that go? He had not planned on marriage any time soon. He had never been in love. What would that emotion feel like? Could he learn to love Victoria DeMontville?

She was beautiful, cunning, intriguing, courageous and she was very willful. She had always had her own way. She had managed to come and go as she pleased while she was living at the nunnery. He laughed. Banishment, hardly. When Tori made up the rules as she went.

He had promised. But he had never thought the boon would mean marriage. Perhaps the advisor was even more cunning than Tori. Had DeMontville known at the time what he meant to ask?

He could not have known he would be assassinated at the hands of the crime syndicates he fought so hard to abolish. By Quentin Morray's little band of cutthroats. Thieftakers, just another name for criminals.

He understood why Tori hated them so. And that was another strike against him in Tori's eyes. She believed wholeheartedly that he was a thieftaker.

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