Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Anniversary Milestones

With three wonderful children, two beautiful granddaughters, and a loving and very understanding husband, we celebrated our 34th wedding anniversary yesterday. That is a milestone. As a friend jokingly put it last eve, you've been with the same man for 34

Another milestone: Until I started coaching a high school swim team I had never been overweight. With exercise and watching every mouthful, I was able to keep my weight at an expectable level. Unfortunately, for whatever reasons, when I started coaching I gained about five pounds every year and just during the swim season, putting on an extra fifty pounds.

On a 5'4" frame that is a lot of excess weight. I trained for a marathon and walked it, but did I loose any weight? No! My walking partner was also overweight. On many of our long walks we would talk about the South Beach diet and people we knew who had been on that one and were successful. There were other diets that came up but we didn't take the plunge until three years ago.

It was the last week in April and together we showed up at a weight watchers meeting. We embarked on a journey that would change my life as well as my self confidence. Crazy but I never thought I was lacking in the self confidence until I lost the weight. In approximately one year we had lost a combined total of one hundred five pounds. She had lost fifty-five pounds.

We have now kept the weight off for two years.

This post came about because of a reality TV show that I love to watch. The show is TLC's What Not to Wear. For a while I didn't understand why I loved this show. But I finally realized I loved it because it wasn't just a makeover show. I think I would have grown bored with that very fast. No, this show actually changes peoples lives. When I watch it, I see the transformations from people who are hiding from life to people who are ready to embrace everything about life.

I compare this a little bit to me. When I was heavy, I hated my body and while I didn't hide in oversize clothes, I can relate to the people on What Not to Wear.

What are some of your milestones and how have they changed your life?

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